Unified Communications and Collaboration

Intuition Enterprise

Datapulse's Intuition Enterprise combines advanced communications technologies into a robust, integrated platform that centralizes and streamlines communication, improving productivity and responsiveness to customers. The suite includes Attendant Operator Consoles, Call Center, Presence Integration and Voice Recording.

Intuition Enterprise utilises intelligent routing to ensure inbound interactions - phone, email, fax, website enquiry, or other messaging methods - are directed to the correct queue and dealt with by the most appropriate individual or group based on their skills. All customer interactions are managed and presented to the agent in a single, user-friendly, Windows-based client, reducing screen clutter. This enables agents to support multiple interactions simultaneously regardless of which communications method the customer has chosen.

To improve productivity and customer service Intuition Enterprise also offers digit entry or voice recognition led Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to enable callers to complete secure transactions, obtain information or route themselves through an organization. The solution also provides personalized greetings, recorded information and in-queue messages to reassure callers.
Intuition Enterprise provides users with access to an extensive directory of contact information with integrated presence status and calendar information. Operators can see at a glance when a person is able to take a call or busy and how best to contact them

Key features

  • Improved first call resolution
  • Consistent, proficient service
  • Supports multiple channels enabling customers to select their preferred contact method
  • Record calls for security, compliance or performance monitoring
  • Users can work from any location
  • Improve call transfer success by checking staff availability
  • Self service reduces call to busy attendants and contact center staff
  • Assess call patterns and staffing requirements with reporting and monitoring tools
  • Integrate outbound, telemarketing activity to maximize resources
  • Platform independent – leverage existing infrastructure